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Modern, elegant and sustainable, Vurtical Walls and roof systems are designed with both luxury and the environment in mind. Using state of the art extruded steel studs that are 37% lighter and 42% stronger than traditional wood framing. Our patent pending insulation system that far out performs traditional framed walls and roofs.

Why Vurtical?

Why Vurtical?

Wall Panels Revolutionized

A Vurtical home is like nothing else. We have been innovatively designing our homes from the ground up for over a decade. We design homes to be lived in, with indoor and outdoor living spaces, and passive solar. You will never look at building a home the “old way” again.

Faster to Build

When the job site is brought ‘indoors’, the conversation changes. Quality can be controlled, time and pace set, and efficiency met. The technical labor force at our manufacturing facility utilizes the knowledge and expertise of traditional framers, carpenters, insulators and finish sub-contractors - all in one. 

Built to Last

Vurtical’s patented ship quick building system, highly-skilled tradespeople, and strict materials standards provide a level of quality that simply isn’t possible in traditional construction.


Sustainability is a key objective at Vurtical. Everyone deserves to live, work, and learn in a healthy, quality and energy efficient environment. Our state of the art extruded steel studs are 37% lighter and 42% stronger than traditional wood framing. We believe in using the Earth’s natural resources to lessen our carbon footprint.


how it all began

how it all began

Founder and CEO, Jamie Mackay, was raised in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. His father worked in log and timber construction, which instilled in Jamie at a young age the value of quality construction that is built to last. Jamie’s original intention was to buy a modular home. Touring multiple companies, he realized that nothing was being produced that met his high standards. With this experience as his impetus he set out to create the next generation high quality building material with which the highest quality homes could be built. His intention was to provide the same quality and durability as the log cabins he grew up with, while incorporating his values of green production and modern design. The finished result is Vurtical.