of a Vurtical Home

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  • Zero VOC paints, stains, and sealants
  • Low-VOC millwork
  • Mold-resistant, noncombustible drywall
  • Vents that automatically expel mold-causing humidity
  • Ample natural daylight
  • Open floor plans for excellent cross-ventilation
  • Minimal ductwork to reduce dust and allergens
  • Spaces that bring the outdoors in

After your Vurtical home is delivered and assembled on site, General Contractors complete the home to the owner’s unique style and design specifications. Interior finish, flooring, cabinets, paint colors, fixtures and showers are all items that are installed onsite and chosen by the homeowner.

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  • Glass windows and doors
  • Awnings
  • LED Lighting
  • Spacious Master Suite and bedrooms
  • Open concept entertaining
  • Specs
    • Floor plans (downloadable)
  • Options
    • Roof
    • Countertop choices
    • Siding upgrade
    • Flooring choices
    • Appliance upgrades
    • Solar upgrades

Mix and Match: A great feature of Vurtical homes is the ability to add models together for the flexibility to fit any lifestyle. Whether you want to add a yoga studio, home office, or a secondary rental unit, we have the solution.


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At Vurtical Homes, we strive to bring together the best combination of high quality, energy efficient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly material options to construct your home.

While your selections are most of the choices in your home building journey, they are not all of them. Due to local building codes, design requirements and climate variations, there are a number of design options that will be site specific and therefore need to be provided by your Vurtical Advisor / Site General Contractor.

Seeing Is Believing

There is no better way to learn how great a Vurtical home is then to walk through one and experience it in person. Our model homes are right outside Park City, UT in Benloch Ranch or come visit us at our Headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT.